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Audio & Video Selections

Audio: The audio sellections below are short excerpts from our 2011 CD - Seize the Day. The CD is available in both traditional CD format as well as MP3 download. 


Excerpts from Seize the Day

1. Fanfare For A New Age (Goff Richards)
2. Seize the Day (Peter Graham)
3. Casper's Lullaby (James Horner, Arr. Sandy Smith)
4. Barnard Castle (Goff Richards)
5. Trombonology (Tommy Dorsey, Arr. Alan Fernie) - Featuring Keven Stewart, Trombone
6. Anthem of the Free (Dean Goffin)
7. Prelude on Tallis (Peter Graham)
8. Bridgewater Intrada (Kenneth Downie)
9. Piper O' Dundee (Kenneth Downie) - Featuring Frank Hilligas, Tenor Horn
10. Nicaea (William Himes)
11. Malaguena (Ernesto Lecuona, Arr. Sandy Smith)
12. Star Lake (Eric Ball)



Video: Below the audio samples you can watch a high definition video recording from one of our recent live performances.

Peace Like A River, Stephen Bulla

Trombonists: Keven Stewart (lead), Chris Welch, Tom Bruszewski, Aaron Carpenter, Bruce Blomquist (bass)
Recording Data: March 11, 2009
Conductor: Debbie Baker

Playback: Once the video is playing, for HD quality, make sure that the "HQ" button in the control bar is sellected (red).
If watching with HQ enabled, full screen video is recommended.



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